I was rolling around today................

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May 10, 2007
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I was grappling a bit today and I when I got my partners back, I threw in one hook (left leg) the leg was in pretty tight. So, I went for a short choke and I then went to flatten the guy out all of a sudden I heard a huge pop. To say the least I finished grappling, my leg wasn't bothering me so much.
Since then, I have gone to eat, changed my tire, and some done some other little things around the house. I have been walking slower than normal
So, I just woke up from taking a little nap (with the Air Conditioning full blast) and my leg is bothering (hurting) more than before. It hurts to straighten it, and I am limping a lot when I walk. Any ideas on what it could be?
i'd ice it, 15 min on ice then take the ice off for 15 min, and repeat for a few hours, if its still bothering you go to the doctor, knee injuries are the worst
Maybe you didn't feel it at the moment because of all the adrenaline after just rolling and everything. But yeah I'd definately elevate, ice, rest, some Advil, and reevaluate.
If you've got a wrap or knee brace, the added support may help between now and when you see the doc.
Could be ACL if it hurts when extended. How bad was the pop? Other people hear it? Could be some meniscus. I would think that if it was a ligament, you woulda stopped... it's a hard thing to "tough out". You know when it goes!
Nope, and thats not enough information to take a guess.
injuries suck ass....i can't wait till we get bionic arms and legs and shit....no down time.
Not sure whats your deal man but I kinda came close to what you have. I was trying to get hooks in for the choke, then the guy flattens out with all his weight to one side of his body and landed on my foot. I ended going to the doctor the next day because it was swelling and I wanted to make sure it was not broken, it ended up that I teared a couple ligments in it and had to take a week off from grappling because it hurt so bad.

I would get it checked out if I were you...
WE have some funny posts here, he hurts to extend my knee. I have been waking a little bit, there was only two people working out today and both guys said the popping was really lound. I am not too worried about it, I don't think the pain is that bad. I think it hurts most when I don't move it for a long period of time. I am visting the doctor tomorrow because there is no way I will be able to work like this. I will keep you guys updated
Ah, the classic grappler hey-I-just-learned-that-my-knee-joint-doesn't-always-respond-well-to-an-over-zealous-movement-knee-popper.

Welcome to the club. If it is uncomfortable to squat on it or you can't really bend it inward (heel to butt) all the way, I'd say you're alright. Probably just slipped a tendon. Ice. Time. Care.

Now you know you can't throw a ton of velocity and pressure into a movement and expect your knee to bear all the load nicely. Watch your fucking knees. Don't let them get in awkward positions. Seriously, I lose count of how many people--including myself--who wouldn't let their pinky or wrist get caught in a weird angle but they are pretty damn accepting of throwing their knee joints into the fire.