I want to know when did Sherdog.com started

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I inquired about this long time ago. I wanted to know who were the first "Adam" and "Eve" of this forum. What were the creators doing before and what are their backgrounds? Hard to believe it but I know almost nothing about sherdog except that he is the evil twin of Tank. He said there was going to be an article on the site soon on some magazine but haven't seen it yet.
Sherdog.com has been on-line since August 1997. It has been set up by Jeff Sherwood to learn HTML programming and website construction. He build it up to a big site and he got the help from Garret Poe. In 2001 they registered the official Sherdog.com company which now makes it an official business.

Dave Hojak and Tanner Rhoden have been on the board for quite a while before Jeff and Garret asked them, in december 2001, to lead the new forum. They took up the challange which eventually leaded to the succes of Sherdog.net!

Currently there are 17 people involved in maintaining sherdog.com

Editor/Owner: Jeff Sherwood
Editor/Owner: Garrett Poe
Database Videos: Mike Fridley
Database Contributors: Rob King, Joseph Bowling, Marc-Andre Drolet, Ryan Graham, Andrei Vieru
Graphics: Adam Wesolowski
Writers: Marc-Andre Drolet, Brett Herman, James Hirth, Brian Piepenbrink, Ben Turner, Mike McNeil, Mike Sloan, Emele Tendon

There are 20 people involved in maintaing sherdog.net

Forum Administrators: Dave Hojak, Tanner Rhoden, CalfCruncher, kimo1345
Senior moderators: ShootoKing, Crippler
Forum moderators: 8thDegreeSavage, ArjukanpoKarate, HOGNUTZ, Iron Trav, LeftBench, LeiTong, Machado Jiu-Jitsu, Magic Man, rtbrouwer, RyanGracie7, Sabretooth, Spencikiss, Tangun, The Jake.

So there are a total of 37 people who serve the avrage of 23000 visitors a day!


Ron Brouwer
Team Sherdog
Bah! Whatever, RTB.

Everyone know that I'm the proverbial glue that holds this forum together.
Originally posted by Fat Bobby
Bah! Whatever, RTB.

Everyone know that I'm the proverbial glue that holds this forum together.

but ofcourse you are right. If we didn't have any members we would not be anywhere! thnx
Any way of finding out if the writer Marc-Andre Drolet is from Canada, in specific Manitoba? I went to school with a guy with the exact name. Probably a coincidence, but hey, who knows.
Thanks rtbrouwer for the explanation. Any plans of opening a Sherdog Amusement Park in the future? :) Damn, I didn't know there were that many people involved in the site. Some of them probably have never met each other face to face. The web is indeed amazing. Everybody has done a wonderful job.
how about the history rather than the statistics of the site at this curretn moment in time.

when did it start
who started it etc
Originally posted by Sauron

when did it start
who started it etc

Sherdogs started off as an old suit case, $50, a bottle of Vodka, and a dream.