I talked to Shootoking on the phone!


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Dec 18, 2001
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It was 2:15 AM in holland. RTB got home from going out and he was hammered! He looked at his phone and saw the number of Shootoking!
Since RTB and shooto are pretty tight he (RTB) gave the Legendary shootoking a call.

His (shooto) brother answered the phone and Ron said: "hello, It's Ron, from sherdog.com" I heard some backgroud sounds and then it happened............... I talked to the legend himself! LMAO

We talked for half an hour about the board and all the members! we discussed some mod problems! We talked about visiting hawaii and work. We talked about school. And he told me that I sound like Bas Rutten. I think I take that as a compliment :)
Because I'm an asshole, I'll ask.....was he just full of LOL and LMAO for ya....:D
Originally posted by Tiki
Because I'm an asshole, I'll ask.....was he just full of LOL and LMAO for ya....:D

He hardly laughed. He is very serious and neat on the phone. I also talked to kevin on the phone and he says fucking fuck at least 2 times in one sentence. I didn't hear one bad word comming from the mouth of shootoking!
oooh, oooh, did yoy guiys talk about me?
i'm guessing everyone sounds like bas rutten in holland:)

What gets me is when scandinavian people have accents that i cant distinguish from my own, i swear ulrika johnsen speaks better english than me and shes from bloody sweden:p
Originally posted by Sauron
i'm guessing everyone sounds like bas rutten in holland:)

100% true. Our knowlage of the english language is pretty good. We just can't prenounce it properly!
lol, i've heard some dutch people with amazing accents and elocution

jimmy floyd hasselbank has a good understanding but poor pronunciation while ruud van nistlerooy has a very good accetn and pronunciation. Sometimes if they speak for short amounts of time you cant really tell.

Shame the english dont really have such a good grasp of foreign languages.
Tiki, u are a chode. Deal with it.

RTB, it was fun talking to u. Yes, u do sound like Bas Rutten. Thanks for the call.
During that phone call..was the word 'penis' uttered?
you're on a post rampage ranger, this is starting to get like vod scary.
Originally posted by RangerFTL
During that phone call..was the word 'penis' uttered?
Yes, we were talking about this dude Ranger, and how he hasnt used his penis in years now. :D
Bullshit. I use it all the time, it's just not that visible. It's a corn nut, man. My cock is so small that when I'm done pissing I dribble on my balls.

Yeah, I am posting a lot...I took a late nap, then watched the Lewis Tyson fight...so I'm still kinda wound up or something. I'm a mad man!! MWAHAHA...ah, fuck it.
My sense of humor is clearly the product of a misspent youth.
Originally posted by ShootoKing
Indeed my friend. Keep it up.

the humour, not his penis, hopefully?
Originally posted by ShootoKing
lol smith.... but im sure u do rightt?? :D

my penis or his?
Ok this is pure :eek::eek::eek:gage. I better stop talking about Penises, u should too.

MMA Trainer, i sound very suave on the phone! Must be a local talent of mine.

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