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I see you there Seldom


Brown Belt
Apr 16, 2002
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Watch your step while visiting my realm insect.
My Master use to call me Dung Beetle, not Insect!

Do not worry, I am watching my step...
I call you "Self Touching Ladybug".
I am still awaiting an apology braggart.
You don't want any of this...

So that`s the way you want it upstart?
I am launching a full scale attack on your pathetic island continent as I type this`.

Fool don't you know I coopted Elvis to choke out tjat son of a bitch for good thereby leaving AwwStrayylyya defenseless!

Haha I am two steps ahead of all competition.:cool:
So it would appear...but believe me, complacency will be your biggest enemy my friend....
And you should know that brashly challenging a superpower such as me can be a humbling experience.
Nothing brash about this my worthy adversary, on the contrary I have been quite respectful, you are a superpower in the realm of Anti, and should be treated with a degree of respect, but I am not one to bow down easily, I may well be your Vietnam
Fine I will have mercy and call off the bombers this time.

I look forward to another tuneup fight in the near future aussie.
This is my old man...


he may appear laid back, but he fights like a demon
Thanks, I find a black smile very becoming...My mother is quite attractive don't you think?
Yeah a real hottie.

That being said I gotta go and so will let you off easy this time.

I have a yet another NPC game to catch in the morning.;)
If you like my mother, you will love my sister.


Have a good one!