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Aug 15, 2005
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Wanted to get a little more input from all you Sherdog Experts... :D

Would this be good for bulking? I seriously want to put on 30-40 lbs in the next 6 months to a year. Is this too high of a fat content? Or is it ok because its mostly good fats?

Regardless, it is an interesting read.

How many of you body builders out there enjoy your eggs? Good, as a matter of fact that's great, keep it up and continue to read on because you may very well be on the road to increasing your egg intake and thus increasing your muscle mass. But what about all you muscle heads out there that are neglecting eggs because of the taste or simple because you're lazy and couldn't be bothered cooking, so you ultimately opt for a tasty whey shake instead. Well after reading this article, I'm confident that eggs will be the first thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning.

An egg is one of the most complete and versatile foods available. It has a valuable role in providing a healthy diet for all and especially bodybuilders. We all know the importance of protein in the muscle building process, without protein, your muscles will simply not grow.

Excluding water protein, it is the next most abundant element that makes up the majority of our bodies, so with all this protein in the body, wouldn't you say that protein should be a very important part of anyone's diet? Bodybuilders need to take this a little further by damaging those protein fibers with heavy weight training in order for the protein fibers to regrow stronger and bigger. A bodybuilder's diet must be much higher in protein than the average persons.

Eggs contain about 6 grams of high quality protein, so high that it is used as the standard by which other foods are measured. Eggs are also a rich source of vitamins, including A, E and K and a range of B vitamins such as B12 (energy), riboflavin and folic acid. Eggs also contain all eight essential amino acids needed for optimal muscle recovery and building valuable minerals like calcium, zinc and iron.

Now before you get scared and say what about the fat that eggs contain, let me break it down for you. The white part of the egg contains no fat what so ever, on the other hand, the yolk of an egg (yellow) contains about 5 grams of fat BUT only a small proportion of this is saturated fat (Bad Fat) - about 1.6 grams. Bodybuilders seeking to bulk up muscle are in particular need for fat in foods at a time when they have high-energy requirements for growth but limited appetites. Eggs contain cholesterol but it is generally accepted that dietary cholesterol does not raise blood cholesterol levels. Eggs are easily digested and absorbed and are extremely useful in ensuring a balanced diet for us bodybuilders.

The Benefits Of Adding Eggs Into Your Diet

6 Egg Whites And 2 Yolks In The Morning Are Going To Provide The Body With:

* 26.5 grams of protein.
* Zero carbohydrates.
* 5.23 grams of fat 2.7 grams of that is unsaturated fat (good fats).
* 153 calories.

Add A Bowl Of Oats, One Banana & 2 Tablespoon Of Flaxseed Oil To Get:

* 39 grams of Protein
* 78 grams of Carbohydrates
* 48 grams of fat amazingly only 4 grams of this fat is saturated (bad fat).
* A total of 900 calories

The Above Meal Three Times A Day Equals:

* 117 grams of protein
* 234 grams of carbohydrates
* 144 grams of fat which only 12 grams is saturated
* A total of 2700 calories

Add A Protein Bar In-Between One Of Those Meals:
(I'll use Power Bar protein plus bar as my example)

* 24 grams of Protein
* 38 grams of Carbohydrates
* 5 grams of fat which, 3.5 grams is saturated
* Total Calories 295

This Ends Up Calculating To:

* 141 grams of Protein
* 272 grams of Carbohydrates
* 149 grams of Fat which 15.5 grams is saturated
* Total calories 2995

Add A Post Work Out Shake & You Get:

* 50 grams of Protein
* 80 grams of Carbohydrates
* Total calories 520

Add In 2 Liters Of Milk Throughout The Day:

* 66 grams of protein
* 94 grams of carbohydrates
* 72 grams of fat 46 grams coming from saturated
* 1280 calories

Add 300 Grams Of Tuna With 1 Cup Of Broccoli:

* 64 grams of protein
* 10 grams of carbohydrates
* 6 gram of fat 1 gram coming from saturated sources
* 350 calories

At The End Of The Day You Will End Up With:

* 321 grams of protein
* 431 grams of carbohydrates
* 227 grams of fat out of all that fat we only have 62.2 grams of saturated
* Total Calories for the Day 5051

Now who said clean bulking isn't easy?

The Many Ways To Cook Your Eggs

* Scrambled
* Micro waved
* Boiled
* Fried
* Baked
* Steamed

Personally I always cook my eggs for better absorption by the human body and to avoid the risk of getting sick through salmonella. I usually just put all my eggs in a microwave safe bowl, chuck them in the microwave for a couple of minutes add a little bit of BBQ sauce and they are ready to eat in less than 5 minutes. So please don't let me hear you use time as an excuse to leave eggs out of your diet.

On the other hand if you can't stand the taste of eggs, experiment with ways they can fit into your diet. Try adding herbs and spices or like me a bit of sauce. Another option is to cook them in the microwave and then throw them in the blender with some oats, milk, yogurt, flaxseed oil; natural peanut butter and a scoop of protein powder and you won't even taste them. Damn, I've just created a great meal replacement for you above without even realizing it.

So please next time I'm over at your place, have some eggs ready for me on the table, and make sure that there is a good backup supply in the fridge.