I need amateur fighters for January 21!



I am looking for amateur mma, kickboxing, and no gi grapplers for a multi school tournament at my studio in Duarte Ca. I need Guys with minimal experience IE:1-5 fights all weights. Please call (626)358-1675 to register or please pm me. No gi rules are one 5 minute match looking for submissions no stalling or riding the opponent. this is a spectator based event. Kickboxing no knees or elbows to the head ...MMA open hand to the head no knees or elbows th the head and no heel hooks
What's the event called? Why can't you knee or elbow to the head?

It'd be fun to have a fight like that for maybe your first one or something, considering you wouldn't get owned too bad if you sucked.
no knees or elbows because most of these guys are new and we dont want to get people cut. It is called Saturday Night Fights @ Ring of Fire Martial Arts Academy. You can pm me for the flyer as it was too big a file to post here.
No Heel hooks!!!!!!!!

Whats a guy to do when he has beginner level skills?

I would love to participate but I only know 2 moves.

The Turtle Position and the 69 (From the bottom).