I know i'll hear it for this but...


E C Monee

I really want some opinions on the best beginner bjj vids for no-gi and gi but for now mainly a no-gi one. It would also help if was a sticky for this, but to my defense I must of been using the wrong keywords when doing the search and what I did find I really couldn't tell what the best ones for beginners was.

Help a brother out I don't get taught enough to advance at the pace im able too.

Hmm, respond to your PM, i'll help you out.
By reputation:

1) Mario Sperry- Secrets of Submission Grappling (6 DVD)
2) Marcelo Garcia- Winning Techniques of Submission Grappling (6 DVD)
3) Ricardo de le Riva- Ultimate Street Fighter (4 DVD)
There was an awesome thread on DVDs but unfortunately some unstickied it.