I got my Purple Belt

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grats to you. you said 2.5 years training in the other thread right? your movin hella fast :)
awesome, well done... and don't let bad reffing get you down... you just have to live with it, unfortunately.
Grats man. I saw you at grapplers quest a few weeks back. You were talking to my buddy (team csw) when we were chilling at the weigh ins. We're thinking of stopping by your school and training with y'all for the next grapplers quest. Get our roll on fo'sho.
How did you do there anyway, you were telling us you were doing 159 intermediate? I did the 149 intermediate, and would of been in your division if I chose to be a lazy fuck and not cut an easy six pounds, and believe me I was close to hah.
Hey congrats bro, saw you at the mundials and you looked awesome, hey at least now you and bass can have a rematch
Congrats. I'd like to see you go against Ryan Hall. the last person to beat Hall in his division was Nate Diaz at the US Open last year.
finally dude. guess itll be you, manny and i at the local tournaments.
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