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I got Karo's book. I'll revierw it later.

There's so many things I can do to these idiots.
I've been waiting for karo's book on songwriting for forever. His approach to writing deep meaningful lyrics and maintaining a good positive attitude is incredible. bravo karo, bravo
Actually he speaks on the TUF 5 incident. He says during the match before the conflict,

"Nate was a part of Manny's team, so naturally he was shouting instructions to Manny during the match. The Problem was that Nate and the rest of the (Jens') team were giving Manny instructions in English, which Matt Wiman and his camp could obviously hear. I was instructing Manny in Armenian, which no one in BJ's camp could comprehend. I had also been training with Manny for most of my life and knew his fighting style better than anyone. The Ultimate goal was to get Manny the win, and it seemed logical that I was the best guy to help him do that.

"Guys, you have to let me talk a little more," I said to Manny's team. I wasn't trying to be a prick at all- I just wanted to make sure that manny got the best support possible. Everyone was cool and thought that it was a good idea except for Nate Diaz.

Nate said, "Man, Karo, shut up. You're the new guy here."

I didn't say anything because it wasn't the time or the place, but it irked me. Later on, I gave Nate some of his own medicine. While he was talking, I kept telling him to shut up. I was partially kidding, but I also wanted to let him know by example that telling someone to shut up isn't the way to speak to someone. Suddenly, he got all pissed off. Some shit talking went back and forth, and I ended up saying, "You know who I am...I'm Karo Parisyan, the guy who fights in the UFC."

I didn't mean to come off sounding like that at all. All I meant was that Nate had no idea who I was outside of the UFC. He didn't understand me and Manny's background, where I came from, and what I'm capable oof in the ring. Maybe that is still arrogant, I don't know. But he pissed me off, but I feel it's a little unfair to judge someone as a person based on 5 minutes' airtime on a TV show.
As far as the book. The intro is worth the price alone. He speaks on fighting grown men at 14, and how he almost burned to death as a child, and how Judo save his life.

There's mucmoe than trows here. He has sections on: striking to the clinch, using the clinch to get grips, striking for double legs/single legs, strking from the clinch.

There's a whole section on 3-4 Seoi Nages. There's a whole section on 4 Osoto Gari throws. Thee's a section of whizzer and wrist control techniques that go into hip tosses, ankle picks, and tani otoshis.

There's a hip throw section with Kubi (neck) Nage, Tai Otoshi, Harai Goshi, Arm Triangle Tai Otoshi/Harai Goshi, and O Goshi.

There's a slamming section with Sukui Nage, Morote Gari, Kata Guruma, Kuchiki Taoshi, and Te Guruma.

There's rolling knnebars, reverse Sumi Gaeshis, Ouchi Garis. Counters to body lock takedowns that include: Tai Otoshi, Tai Otoshi to Uchimata, Harai Goshi, Uchimata, Osoto Gari from a Kiumra grip. Sumi Gaeshi with a Kimura grip, Hikikomi Gaeshi.

Then he goes over 5 Judo pins as well as subs from the:

Scarf, Side Control, North-South, Reverse Scarf, Mount, and then Leg Locks.

Then he goes to the guard to show all sorts of leg locks, Kiumras, armlocks, sweeps, triangles, etc.

He finishes the book off with a Ground and Pound section that is awesome!

Basically, if you want to fight like Karo's style, this is yyour book.

Lots of moves I've never seen in 13 years of martial arts. VictoryBelt's books keep gettin btter and better.
Yeah I was just joking around, karo's one of my favorite fighters, the loss to alves was devastating :(

was eyein this earlier, def gonna get it now
Does he speak on Gokor at all?

Yes. He says that Gokor always said that he (karo) was like a son to him, but that when it came time to train for a fight and won, Gokor wanted a fee of the prize money, even though Gokor never helped him train. Also, Gokor would demand percentages of Karo's private lesson money, citing that the lesson was done on "his mat." Karo said that that Gene Lebell was the guy that really was a father figure to Karo. Karo said Gokor always gave him the cold shoulder, and always helped Manny with words of encouragement, but never Karo. There a lots of pics of Karo and Gene together in the book when Karo was little.

With all this said. Karo is VERY respectful towards Gokor and even says that Gokor is a father to him, and that they just had to move in seperate directions. Karo's told me that there reallyy isn't any bad blood, and I even have Karo's blessing to go and train with Gokor if I want to.
And in speaking on his Decision victories. Karo has said (I don't remember if this was in the book or to me) that he was playing it safe to move up the ranks. But now, he is going to go for the kill every fight and that he loves big throws (duh) but considers himself a submission wiz. The book has tons of COOL subs in it.

He also told me that he has NO interest in dropping to 155 to fight Nate Diaz and that Nate is a great fighter and one of the best in the 155 division. It's just that their personalities don't mesh ;)

He also gives Nick Diaz top respect, but says that Diego Sanchez is the easiest opponent that he's ever been able to throw. He says the beautiful Harai in Round 1 worked too well. Diego apparently shifted his weight as karo went for the hip sweep, and Karo expected more resistance, causing him to fly over as well, with both of their feet pointing towards the ceiling. He said that he was confused on the ground for a second and it took Tito and Randy yellin at him to realize he needed to get back on Diego.

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