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Nov 9, 2005
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i live in a apartment and i can't afford a gym membership so i have converted my bedroom in to my gym over the years i have got my hands on all your basic equipment(bench,speedbag,heavy bag, ect..) and my question is can i muffle my speebag sounds or my room on a next to nothing buget
The short answer is no. Speed bags are loud and you just have to deal with it. All I can tell you is to try and schedule your workout when your neighbors won't be around to hear it
As long as it isnt vibrations coming thru the wall you can do what people do with home studios and line all the walls and ceiling with those foam figure type things those absorb sound dont know about cost
i heard somthing about egg catons on the wall anyone heard that
shawnsays said:
i heard somthing about egg catons on the wall anyone heard that

You are thinking of trying to sound proof a room, not stop sound from getting out.

Dude you could try Large Foam pads connected to the wall. Foam helps sponge in noise, not a whole lot of a little.
forget it man, speedbags drive other people nuts. I stopped hitting it years ago because I got tired of the mma guys complaining. It's an irritating sound, plus I think some of them are just jealous cuz they can't make the thing sing.
Because the speed bag is wall mounted it will be very hard to muffle the noise.
yeah speedbags are basically impossible to make quiet, especially if you're using it right
smear concrete on all your walls.. and concrete the floors. If the thing isnt masonry, and doesnt totally collapse.. Your good.