I can't throw a punch (yes it is grappling related)


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Oct 28, 2003
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I was the attacker used for Cassio to show self defense techniques. I cringe to watch my pathetic attacks. Anyway, heres the videos:

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Anyway, laugh away...

Oh, and for more techniques NOT featuring me, check out the new technique section on Cassio's site.

Good videos. These self defense techniques are important even for competitions. I always seem to use the basic self defense motions when rolling. The principles of leverage still apply whether punches are thrown or not. A lot of people dislike studying self defense jiu-jitsu, but it is still an important part of all aspects of our sport.
That's really cool Cassio has some nice vids now. I was in Sacramento at the end of January for some training for work and stopped by to check out Cassio's gym, but work got in the way of coming back to actually train. He seems like a really nice guy. Maybe next time. Thanks for posting.
Good videos, but yeah... you punch worse than a girl lol =)
self defense should the foremost philosphy behind any martial arts and "sport" comes later
i would liek tos ee every beginner class start with self defense stuff, cause its the simple stuff you have to know. It is also fun to teach to people i've found.

Your punches are devasting.

Sorry man,but I really laughed out loud at the punch. Can't stop watching it!

But nice technique and I agree with what Frodo said about SD.

I don't know that, that didn't look like a punch to me. :icon_chee
Your face after the tie-up in the second video was the best part.
The real problem with throwing the punch that way is that even if Cassio didn't close the distance, he still wouldn't have been hit by it.

You need to throw the punch so that if he doesn't move, he will get punched. Otherwise you're basically skipping over the most important part of the technique (in my opinion), which is actually avoiding the punch in the first place.

Throwing the punch with devastating full power isn't necessary. But it does need to be realistic enough so that if he doesn't move, he will get hit.