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I bet Dana....


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Oct 8, 2010
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...is cursing whatever esoteric MMA God hates his guts and bestowed the bitter irony of the second JDS vs Cain bout being the back-and-forth war that was originally promised, albeit not on the FOX network :p.

His bigger mistake was choosing to air only one fight on the whole damn broadcast. You can't put all your chips on one fight like that, especially when Bendo v. Guida was the fight right under it. How the fuck don't you air a #1 contender fight like that?:eek:
he's happy now.

He's got cain and there hyping up erik perez for the zuffa takeover of mexico.

there hoping its another brazil because USA just aint cuttin it for big revenue!
He probably jizzed in his pants when the fight was over.
Dana busted all kinds of nuts when he put the belt on Cain.