I am natural right handed but now I fight left handed


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Jan 4, 2004
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I used to have a right handed stand but I trained self to fight southpaw and now I feel more natural fighting left handed now.

I started this about 6 years ago and it felt weird as I wanted to switch styles and I did, I still can switch styles but now fighting right handed feels alien to me.
It is no big deal, I feel the exact same way, I am right handed but I feel natural fighting southpaw. Jerome LeBanner is the same way, so if it can work for him....
I'm naturally left handed but fight right handed...

I feel it actually works as a benefit since my left hook and straight have a lot of power and feel very natural. I throw a good right cross, but sometimes I feel like throwing the left again after the cross actually serves to be the "power shot".

Works well to just naturally wanna throw a 3 hit punching combo vs. a 1,2.
I'm the same way. ppl ask me all the time if my cross is week and it was in the beginning but now I knock ppl down with it all the time. Plus my lead hook in insane...
I'm right-handed but I like standing south-paw. Brings my power closer to the target.