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    Hey Guys, new poster here. I do not currently train mma. I like the sport a lot and do follow it. I do workout a lot and play basketball and wanted to add in a heavy bag to put into my routine to burn up calories and release anger and become a better striker. I'm also pretty ripped now (got SOME abdominal defenition, but want to finish it off) so I feel like if I could do a lot of bagwork it would help. I was wondering what you guys thought of this heavy bag Everlast MMA Heavy Bag Training Kit: Exercise & Fitness . I like the MMA style of the bag. If you do not like the bag could you please reccomend something? the cheaper the better a college student, thanks guys!
  2. Not sure what the hell you mean by that. It's a pretty standard heavy bag that simply happens to say MMA on it. I would say that'll do for starting out. I also saw that they have the 100lb Everlast Nevatear bag I started out on about 8 years ago, it just happens to be a bit more expensive and doesn't come with bag gloves, wraps, etc.

    I'd say go ahead and pick this up. Watch some youtube videos or something and learn how to properly wrap your hands and be sure to make good use of the bag gloves as well. It's pretty easy to hurt your hands/wrists if you don't use the proper equipment on a heavy bag. Try to pick up an instructional book/dvd on striking to learn how to throw a proper strike for your own safety.

    All 4 of my bags at home are Everlast as the first 2 I picked up at my local Sports Authority and the other 2 I've gotten great deals on from Title. There are better bags out there, but I don't go all out and buy $250-$300 bags to bang on at home. Even the one I've had for 8 years has held up well and still gets used on a daily basis (duct tape is holding it together towards the top, but hey that happens after a while). Good luck and have fun releasing all of the pent up aggression. Word to the wise, start out with just punches and try to pick up some technique prior to throwing a lot of kicks and elbows on a bag.

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