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How to make the best of your instructionals?

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Jun 4, 2003
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So was wondering, just watching a video wont get you to learn the moves properly, it might help add details.

So how do you use your instructionals?
Do you watch and just keep trying it in sparring?
Do you drill it with someone?
Do you ask your instructor in a private or in class?

Im not saying Im right, but I find it hard to learn new stuff from videos. This is because Im injured and not training at the moment.
Want to get the best of my instructionals.

Would love to hear ppl's advice and opinions.

I have moderate success if i pick a single move out of an instructional and try it on a body before class, and then i try it in rolling... and basically just keep trying it until i get it to work... some i can, some i can't... it's not the best way, but it's just what i do... the sort of things i have worked in to my game is the reverse omoplata (from aesopian), the whole using the deep collar grip from guard with lapel wrapping (from braulio estima), some omoplata/gogoplata setups (eddie bravo), and just details here and there from moves i already know.
I pick one technique per month and work it consistently into practice.
I usually download techniques from sites like Youtube and dailymotion as I learn them in class for reference, cause I tend to forget details very fast.

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