How to improve your pin? and how to get out of it?

Ahee. GX

Green Belt
Jun 4, 2003
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Hey guys,

Ive realised Judo guys have a great pin and wondering, what ways there are to help and improve my pin or side control pressure, control and pin. Which exercises are good?

and also what exercises are good to improve getting out of the pin/side control.

farside underhook and one arm under the head so basically in side contol clamping onto the other guy really tight. usually the guy cannot escape this but he could regain guard, as soon as u feel him move his hips and work his legs towards yours switcfh to kesa gatame and if he starts to get under u and try to roll u switch to the first pin. try this out next time u have a guy in side control. very basic but effective imo.