How to get true and properly hyped for tonight

Awesome video, thanks for sharing

Sub 10k views!

What a loser!

Gotta get that milly, boys!
I've got all day off and have nothing to do until the fights start. Not sure what to do with my life, maybe I'll do a few hours of work anyways.

Kaylaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Weiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarles!
I found an old CD case that sat in my trunk from moving over the past few decades. Spent some time this morning cringing through mixtape CDs with shit like Limp Bizkit, Kottonmouth Kings, System of a Down, and Saliva. Probably going to go chop some wood, light some stuff on fire, and cook some meat to get my test levels back on track.
Dana knew it was time to rid themselves of that dated, lower-class element, in order to pave the way for more polished and respectable content such as Slap Wars.
Thank you. that was fantastic
i'm on the coffee
Playing this on repeat till the event starts.