How To Do A Proper Anaconda Choke?


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Aug 22, 2004
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I've been meaning to write up this thread for a while but I always forget... Enough is enough.... how is this wonderful choke done?

which hand is grabbing which elbow? what is the goal at the end of the choke? is it to spin your back to the ground with them in the lock? etc?

Does anyone have any helpful videos or any links that might offer more help?

Thanks for any help you guys can offer!
I never say this, but, use the search function brother. Just type in anaconda choke and you'll find a bunch of threads on this topic already.
yeah.. i tried to search but it says its been disabled... but i'm glad to see theres acually good info out there on it... does anyone know when search tends to get back up?
first off you should ask your instructor and then practice the move i don't think you'll get it from reading how to do it on here but basically off the sprawl or we get your arm under the guys neck like you're going for a guillotine use that same arm to grab his tricep and pull his arm in so you have as much extension as possible, grab your own bicep to sink in the choke then roll onto the side where you have your arms locked ... from this point either roll onto your back fast or start sort of walking on your side towards his face (keep the choke sunk in tight the entire time)
You can put the choke on in either direction, depending on which of your opponents arms is further out. From the sprawl position get one of your arms around the side of his neck and under his arm. When you get your hand through far enough grab your biceps and place the hand of that arm onto his shoulder. Gator roll underneath him towards the same side as you have your arms locked. Once you're able to get him to fall on his back, clock your hips towards his head while squeezing your elbows together.
thanks guys for the help... i'll practice the move on a buddy soon! btw rickson sucks =D
jar3ds said:
rickson sucks =D

at least he can do an arm triangle (which is what an "anaconda choke" really is)
It's a really easy and basic choke. I learned it about a year into Judo. You should have no problems in understanding the body mechanics and formal practicing of it.
There is also a good instructional on how to do this on subfighter.