How to do a Kyokushin rolling kick?

Matt Thornton

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Sep 2, 2004
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I've seen this kick used lots of times in Kyokushin kumite, and also in a Mach Sakurai highlight video. It's a sick looking kick where you almost do a shoulder roll at your opponent, but you catch him with your ankle (?) in the face on the way down. It doesn't seem like a high percentage move like a roundhouse, but done at the right time, it can cause knockdowns. Also, I've watched Imanari (leg lock master in MMA) fight, and sometimes he'll just roll at his opponents' legs just to grab a hold before he slaps on a leg lock. So if you miss the rolling kick, if you're quick enough, I bet you could transition to a leg lock or an open guard.


Here's a picture of it.

It's a hard technique to explain, but for all you Kyokushin guys out there, you know what I'm talking about.

Anyways, I'm majorly pissed because apparently I used to have a really good Kyokushin dojo in my town, the Marubashi dojo (also called the New England Bushido Institute I think?). I didn't even know about it until it just disappeared. There's still a sign for Kyokushin karate and everything, but the website for the place is gone, and when I tried to go in to check it out, the door was locked. You can't see a dojo because it's upstairs. Anyone know what happened to the place?

So, since I can't train in Kyokushin, can anyone explain training tips for this kick, how to do it, how to learn it, when to use it, etc.?
I have seen that done a few times. I have done Kyokushin before but I have never learnt that technique.
The heel is intended to hit the temple area.
Is that like the kick Harold Howard tried in UFC 3?
Thats basically a front somersault kick isnt it?
I'm still trying to figure out what sort of a kick it's supposed to be.

Is it a Kyokushin/TKD roundhouse which curves down (Brazilian kick)?
Or a very short spinning hook kick?

I've seen a falling jump spin hook kick on some Kyokushin highlights. Is that it?
I think its just a front jmp-roll/somersault kick. Ive tried to land these in sparring but Ive never been successful. But then agian maybe Ive been too far away.
Genki Sudo has tried it in K-1 Max a few times. Basically a rolling heel kick.