How to divide training? Concentrate seperately or all together?


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May 11, 2008
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So schools over and now for the summer im gonna be training full-time. Ive been boxing for about a year on and off, BJJ for 9months, and muay thai and MMA for about 3-4. Boxing is over for me as I am going to be concentrating on muay thai and BJJ more. My goals and what i want to do are constantly changing. At first was I wanted to fight MMA in the near future but I think I might want to get more experience first. Thats why ive been shying away from mma classes except sparring every week. I also might have a chance at a muay thai fight in october, and I have NAGA battle at the Beach August second that I am taking very seriously. So should I just train the two seperately alot, SHould i concentrate on one mroe? or should I do more MMA if thats my eventual goal? any insight would be great.
I don't know what times your classes are available but if you are training full-time at the moment you could do muay thai and bjj in the same day if your body could handle it. As the NAGA is comming up make sure you go to your BJJ classes 4-5 days a week and maybe muay thai/mma 1-2 days a week instead of completely stopping it.
thanks for the reply. Another thing is that should i really even be concentrating on seperate tournaments or Muay thai fights if my goal is to fight MMA, or should I just take it slowly and do it more seperately since im still pretty young.
I'm still a new guy myself but I think you are doing the right thing. Before you fight MMA I feel you should compete in grappling and stand up fights to get experience in both arts and see what you need to improve on before fighting mma.