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How much sparring


Apr 5, 2008
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how much sparring do you do in comparison to bag work/pad work. also when sparring how hard do you go in sparring I hear a lot of people say "I go 80% speed and 10%" power but it may be because I am inexperienced but I find it really difficult to get good speed without coming in hard.
I spar about 2 times a week and I go to the gym 4 times a week. So I do around 20 rounds of heavy bag work a week and 8 rounds of sparring/week.

How hard you go on sparring depends on your trainer and training partner. You guys could be going light and working specific things or going hard if you have a fight coming up. Knowing how to pull your punches and stuff will come to you with experience.
We get our guys sparring 3 times a week. Sometimes they come in and spar an extra day but usually 3 times. They do more bag work compared to sparring right now.
I try to get bag work in everyday i don't grapple, and I spar 4-8 rounds a week.

In the beginning work on staying relaxed and controlling your nerves, once you get more experienced you can (and probably will) have some wars while sparring. Safe wars though, you will find out where to draw the line.
It all depends on what your goals. are. If you are just starting out 1x aweek is good.

On the opther hand if you have a fight coming up then 3x is good.

As for power IMO it should never be 100%. Especially if you have a fight coming up. It should be hard sparring but nothing close to KO power. If you do you run the rick of injury and have to pull out of the fight.

For beginners you should have technique specific sparring sessions. Working on the jab or bobbing and weaving, or tring to set up that right hand. etc.
full on sparring we typically do twice a week at our gym for about 1.5 hours or so. We will do light sparring most of the time at the end of classes most of the days of the week.
i spar probably 2-4 times a week. as for power it depends who i am sparring with. there are some guys in my school that are afraid to get punched and there are some that are gamers. against the gamers i go about 90 percent with my hands and 50 percent with my kicks. i try to avoid the pillowfighters but i usually just let them beat me and practice things like jabbing out or getting inside