How much more training before my fingers really get jacked up?


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May 19, 2002
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how much training BJJ until your fingers start getting jacked up ????? i been training couple months now and after training some days, for several days, my fingers have a certain hazy feel to them, like numb or somewhat not feeling up to how long until fingers start really feeling not good.....
My guess is your grabbing the gi like death. Relax.
If anything you will get used to gi grips and your hand will not bother you. Something You just get used to. Just man up, everyone gets it..

If you have rumatoid arthritis... then you have a whole different problem on your hands.
mine stay jacked up, i use very strong grips, so when the guy does grip breaks, my fingers get dislocated somewhat.
Try working out the Forearms. Gripping exercises, and Wgt Training. It should help with this.Reverse EZ Bar Curls,DB Farmers Walk,Grip Ball,Regular & Reverse Wrist Curls.Also stretch the crap out of your forearms alot, it sounds like your circulation isnt that good. And that can lead to overstressing and tendonitis, I should know I have it in both elbows. It has taken a year for me to get mine somewhat back in shape. There are hundreds of things you can do.But I think Gsoares2 is right you are probably too tense from the elbow down. the sensativity training in JJ is in your hands too.
nor sure exactly what you mean by jacked up but if their tight losen the grip alittle my friend, as they say..technique over power. If they hurt all the time then maybe u either have arthritis or CT. I think i my have CT but i just ignore it and train, its a pain but o well. Also if you grip to hard your fingers will start to feel as if their crunched all the time and thats just no good, losen up my friend