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How many days a week does your gym have classes?


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May 15, 2007
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Mine is 7, but I'm starting to hear of a lot of places that have classes only a few days a week.
Gi: Sunday, Tuesday, Friday

No-Gi: Saturday, Wednesday, Friday
seven days. But some of the classes are taught by the brown belts.
seven days. But some of the classes are taught by the brown belts.

Oh the humanity of it!:rolleyes:

Jeez - I would kill for a club that could put on classes every day of the week!! Brown belt or not
Every day but Sunday, and twice a day on Tues. and Thurs.
7 days a week. 3 classes a day for adults during the week too
1 day no-gi taught by a blue belt
1 day gi taught by a purple belt

you guys dont know how good you have it.

Mon / Wed = Wrestling, No-Gi, and kick boxing
Tue / Thur = Gi BJJ
Sun = MMA
6 days a week @ 9 classes total per week

3 morning
5 evenings
1 noon
4 days with classes taught by browns and blacks and the free trainings the 3 rest.
just the two no-gi classes per week both with a second degree black belt so the quality of training is very high.

our instuctor is a pro fighter so spreds his running classes 3 times a week at the mma acadamy he fights out of and then does 2 nights at our school, many privete lesons and his fight training on top of that so hes a busy guy!.
A fuck load- they tend to have sessions during the day, about two to three hours when people can book private lessons and then evening classes on top. Some of them are taught by the brown belts, some are taught by black. Occasionally there's a purple teaching but whoever it it is it's all good, man.

Can only go twice per week at the moment but I'm thinking about putting it up a little when I have the time.