How many black belts at your club?


Nov 15, 2005
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I just realized we have between 10-15.

I read that people in the midwest are being trained by blue and purple belts makes me realize how lucky I am to live in Sunny So Cal.

How many do you guys have regularly at you gym?
None. But one of my instructors is really close to receiving it by Dean Lister.
2ea. Both are our instructors. Both are very good and very knowledgeable.
over at john machado's there is about 5 (during the day classes at least). one of them is about 60 years old
At my club regularly is 1, the main instructor. In total our club has four. should be another after pan ams.
I've got one main Instructor and 1 guest instructor.

both are blackbelts.
1 Gracie Black Belt (club i usually train at), at another club we have 2-3 regular gracie black belts.
1 black belt, we did have a couple of regular browns but the have moved on, and a few purples.
At RGA, there's Roger Gracie, Jude and Gustavo. Roger's father Mauri