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Feb 7, 2002
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How long would it take for one to realize they had an STD? Like say this person hadn't had sex in over 2 months... if he got an std he would have known sooner than 2 months later right?
Uh. Are you trying to tell us something?

Actually some STD's don't have visible symtoms and the symtoms are usually sporadic and can come and go at certain times. I'm sure that you could go two months without having sex before a STD showed up. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
It isn't me. I'm going down the shore in a few hours to fuck random sluts. But my friend thinks he may have an STD.
honestly man some std's are strictly in side you and d onothing there's a name fdor it i forget, but you bang some one and she's got it now. Soem std's only affect males some only females, generally it takes not too long to realize sometimes you may live w/o knowing. I wish i still had my worksheet from my class it had everything on it but i studied for the test not to knwo it. tell ur buddy to see the doctor better to catch it early than wake up w/ ghonoreah (sp) dick, cuz that's really disgusting and no slut will bang a guy w/ ghonoreah dick.
ps. are you going to wildwood? lemme tell ya, if you don't have std's now you'll prolly come back w/ them a word to teh wise stay otu of wild wood and sea side heights.
The fucked up ones are the STDS that dont show any symptoms. Those are the killers.
Watch out for that shit LB, maybe PM Donegal, the man knows his STD's.
I think it may be an ingrown hair. Anyone know anything about them? The fucker hurts. I don't see a hair sticking out, and I did find it while shaving my balls. Its under my balls to my left, kinda on my left leg. Near my ass, near my balls, not on my taint.

Its a huge bump. Then I have a sore looking thing a few inches above that but I think its razor burn.
Thats a whole lotta info........

Ingrown hairs suck. In most cases they look loike a giant Zit. Very sore and irritated. If you can pop it and itll go away.
I vant believe i just wrote that. YUCK!!!

Hope this helps.
Wouldn't pop. I'm pretty confident that it's an ingrown hair. It hurts like a bitch.
herpes usually is a red bump and turns into a blister or sore, if you start getting lots of headaches or swollen glands i would get it checked out.

syphilis will give you a sore a few months after getting it but its followed by rashes and shit on your feet and palms or cock.

most stds cause burning, discharges or are accompanied with flu symptons like nausea, fatigue, cramps, diarhea, etc...
Put a hot/warm towel on it for a while. It will look like a zit when it needs to pop. And if it does itll be a doozy. It may take a day or so to need to pop.
yeah if you just think its a zit put hot compresses on it, if its an ingrown hair.. i dont know what to do about that.
I hope its not an STD. Did you bang any dirty chicks? No offfence intended.
Rule of thumb: Always double up on jimmy hats when banging random hos.
Banged one nasty ho but I think I'm clean in the STD department.
I hope so. Good luck. BTW rule of thumb...when in doubt get it checked out.

Man i sound like johnny cochran:p
taking antibiotics will clear up a ingrown hair, zit, or boil. if have any ant B's layin around, pop a few down. couldnt hurt.