How Good Is Myles Jury (UFC 155)

Augustus Caesar

Nov 30, 2012
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Hey guys,

Myles Jury is fighting Michael Johnson on UFC 155 and is 10-0 with 10 finishes :icon_surp


Is this a case of a padded record, or is this guy legit?
He looked awful in his TUF fight but he's a lot better than what he showed there. I have him winning this one.
If he cant take johnson down he's screwed imo. I would love if he proved me wrong though
I remember when he qualified and had to quit TUF before .. it was clear even then that the UFC brass saw him as a hot prospect. Haven't seen much of him, but he's thought of pretty highly by some.. Who knows
Seems like a kind of strange match up for me, not sure who they want to win.. I thought they would've given him someone who lost their last fight or something.
Oh never mind my last post I though it was his UFC debut (can't edit dubs)
Beyond that record that means little now, he's one of my favorite prospects. Like his looseness in there, which is hard to teach/learn and is rare in MMA. Agree with his coach that he can be a bit too technical at times, too many set-ups and evadings before he attacks. In the best case, he can reach the level of a Lyoto or a Pettis with that style.

He's not gonna be strength-based fighter, but a bit of muscle could make a difference since he's going to be the more skilled fighter more often than not, but is now easy to bully around. Now to make that offense more accurate and his defense more dangerous, he could be really good.
He's very good. He may not win because Michael Johnson is also very good but Myles is legit. Even if he doesn't win this fight, he will win many others. I think the odds should be near even with Johnson the slight favorite.
His opponents' records when he fought them:

A lot of that seems kinda sub-par, even though most people face pretty weak competition at the start of their careers. The only guys he faced that really had even half decent records (in terms of numbers) were his last two fights, the last one being on the TUF finale.
He didn't exactly look great on TUF. And didn't he have a really long injury lay off before the show?
When this fight was announced my first reaction was, that MJ is gonna kill him.
Sherdog is so out of touch with MMA they don't even realize Myles Jury was on TUF 15, and there is not a single mention of his FOTY performance against Iaquinta.
SHould ask Jeremy Stephens....Michael Johnson and Jury lived with him for a while during his camp for the Marcus Davis fight...they sparred plenty of times. Although MJ has clearly evolved considerably since those times