how good is diego sanchez on the ground


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May 29, 2005
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i was curious if anyone knows his background; an more importantly what are ur opinons in regards 2 his skillset, his subs and over grappling game does not seem too advanced or smooth; but his wrestling (takedowns/groundcontrol) seems to be pretty solid. But once again it doesn't seem to be anything particularly spectacular or advanced....

He did get tapped in the end, but only with maybe 5 seconds left in overtime.
he's pretty damn good

but his bjj is very explosive and he uses alot of wrestling, his style is more suited to mma
Diego is darm good on the ground, I think he is maby better then Diaz.
he looked good in adcc. he seems to be a bit of a top player and as others have said, relies a bit on strength, balance, and other physical attributes to get the job done - which isnt a bad thing in mma.
relies on his wrestling and strength alot. solid skills however with awesome rnc and strong positioning
I think that he looked good tonight; however, it looked like he greased himself up.
I think he bases his ground game more on positioning, using strength and endurance to get there. He went 0-0 with Marcelo, which basically means he was good at avoiding submission and reversals but couldn't gain any points or submit Marcelo... and then ended up getting tapped in the very end. So yeah, he's a badass wrestler, been when it comes to bjj technique and submission skills, I don't think he's any more advanced than Nick Diaz is, since it was Diaz who did 99% of all the submission attempts in that fight, and Diego couldn't pass his guard or couldn't hold his back for more than 3 seconds.
Diego had the only close submission attempt however. Diaz wasn't close to getting those submissions.
in all fairness, diego's armbar was much closer than anything diaz threw at him. Diaz did show that he's got a really good mma guard.
he didn't look bad in adcc, very agressive fighter and entertaining one, but not a top submission fighter, I would put him at the same level as saint pierre, very efective for mma, but not top sub grappler
i am impressed w/diego's tenacity..aggression and conditioning; he pressures and opp an does not let up one i think that helps him in shutting down a more tech opp, because they wait for the lapse in focus or the moment the aggressor slows down or just focuses on controlling position. THat is when they slip in the sub...slide out the side or sweep and begin to sub or gnp.

Since diego never lets up, u can't set up an opening or wait for one to be given; which leaves u w/the option of creating one, an someone w/diego's strength...physicality...and balance is almost impossible to do that against.

guys like florian....diaz....karo....luke might have problem's w/diego's athleticism...and power; but when diego faces the more exp and powerful opp he will begin to have issues.. His style is like a hughes or a sherk; but against either of those he will be outmatched in that area and i don't know that his overall sub skills are sharp enough to finish a guy who can outwrestle and outmuscle him.

but i was def impressed, esp w/the armbar...diaz was in serious trouble....much moreso than sanchez was in the fight.
He's very good from what few matches I've seen of him.
He's a budding flower in a spring forest meadow.
My coach actually lost to him in the Pan Ams a year or two back I believe in the Purple Belt Division in the finals. And I know that with my personal experiences sparring with my coach that if Diego beat him Diego must be pretty proficient.
I'd say he's a good purple belt. I think Nick Diaz is better in pure grappling, but not in MMA.
He's an elite submission wrestler. Beating black belts like Pablo Popovitch, Sean Williams, and Daniel Val Verde among others.

His match with Jake Shields was one of the best of the tournament.. Diego had his back at least once.

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