How does Cain outweigh Junior again?

Well see, they got on a scale and Cain weighed 240 while JDS weighed 239.

Don't know how else to explain it to you.
It's just you TS. They look about the same size to normal people.
Cain's a thick dude.I wrestled for a very long time you get used to judging someone's weight differently.Some guys have a big frame but you can tell they aren't thick especially when your throwing them around.Same with guy's like mike pierce he's not all big,buff and is one of the shortest(if not thee) in the weight class but you aren't gonna see anyone muscling him around.Core strength is important I did a lot of judo too where it's very important.
JDS has a more refined looking body, but to me he doesn't really look bigger than Cain..
im willing to bet he weighed a pound more.
It's a conspiracy! The only logical explanation is that Dana White is responsible for 9/11 and killed JFK
it was very smart of cain to pack on the extra weight. easy win for him now. bet the house