How do you train grappling a without partener


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Jan 5, 2006
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How do you train grappling without a partener?

I not into any club right now but thinking
I don't think you can really learn it that way. The only thing you can really do is buy some books and instructionals and drill them. You won't really "know" the moves untill you practice it in some live training but when you do join a club you'll find out your picking up moves faster then other ppl. Thats what I did.
You can do drills on your own, work on your strength and conditioning, and watch a million instructionals. However IMHO nothing beats training with a partner. What makes BJJ and Judo different from martial arts before is the live randori. I can't imagine getting good at all without it.
Oh and what Frodo said about building your strength and conditioning. Mainly conditioning.
You can practice on a tree, some old judoka used to practice throws on a tree.
In short. You can't.

I found out. I watched videos of fights and instructionals. Sorta drilled them as well as I could. Then went to a club and well, I had nothing at all
Study books and instructionals, practice grappling drills (sprawling, armbar hip movement drills, shrimping to turtle position, standing up from guard, triangle hip lifts etc Stephan Kesting I believe has a DVD on these and some are over on and if you sign up to the site), visualise techniques and combinations.
yeah, i agree with superbeast.

get some books or instructional videos
dvd's and books is how i got started, but there is a transition on doing to people when they resist.
All of the suggested things above will help, but if you really want to LEARN grappling, find a club man.
Where do you live, lots of guys on here have great info on places to train.
Nothing beats going live. If you have to train by yourself buy a grappling dummy. They are expensive but you can do drills in your garage that you learn from videos.