how do you start a thread with a poll?

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To answer - you get the option to make a poll by becoming Platinum and having the option. Otherwise, you'd have to PM a mod for them to ok it.
Pretty sure you have to be platinum or a black belt in order to get the poll option.
It should give you the option when you reach Black belt. Youve obviously paid your dues at that point.

Even though I'm a Platinum member and I can already start polls, I definitely agree with that. If the powers-that-be made me an Admin, (me, an Admin, lol), I would make it so that black belts and people who have been members for over two years could also start polls. This would not harm the forums at all. In fact I think it would be a benefit to the forums.

Trolls and idiots who consistently get banned would still NOT be able to start polls, unless they spent $10 and bought a Platinum membership. But consistent high-volume posters and longer term members, all of whom, by definition, are obviously sensible people (because, if they weren't, they would not get 5,000 posts or two years uninterrupted membership without getting banned) WOULD then be able to start polls.

I don't think its fair that, for example, someone who has over 10,000 posts and has given people loads of free advice in the grappling or stand-up forums over the years CAN NOT start a poll. But some noob 12-year-old, whose parents may have bought him a Platinum account for his birthday or something, CAN start polls.

Just my two cents worth, but I think it's a pretty sensible two cents worth.
If they gave the ability to create polls to black belts (or anyone other than plats) then that would be one less incentive for people to pay for membership.
If they gave the ability to create polls to black belts (or anyone other than plats) then that would be one less incentive for people to pay for membership.

What you are saying is certainly true, and you do have a point. But, in addition to supporting sherdog, I think Platinum members are far more interested in having 'custom text' and bigger area/filesize avatars than having the ability to start polls. So I doubt that certain non-Platinum members being able to start polls would make much difference to the ratio of Platinum/non-Platinum members on Sherdog anyway.

But, as I said earlier, I do take your point.

EDIT: At present the Sherdog forums have 146,200 members. And, out of those, only about 200 are Platinum members. That is less than 0.14%. I had no idea that Sherdog had so few Platinum members.
Our avs aren't significantly larger and custom text/belts are already available to black belts. If they are given the ability to make polls as well then why would anyone pay for membership when they could knock out 5000 posts in a few months and receive one of the main benefits of being platinum.

Sure they still won't be able to delete posts or threads but lets face it, for most posters duplicate posts are a +1. If they had the ability to delete these posts and didn't...well that could be considered postwhoring.

On the other hand, the platinum forum alone is worth the price of membership so maybe you do have a point.
I wish that I could be a platinum member man - but compatability for the insider videos isthe only thing stopping me.