How do u guys sparr at your gym/dojo?


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Oct 31, 2005
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I was just wandering how it is u guys sparr at your place of training.
Is it full cotact with only hand gaurds or do u where head gaurds/ chest gaurds etc etc?? Is it semi contact. Is it only full contact if your a training for a ring fight??

At my dojo we have full contact to the body with kicks and punches but no punching to the head. Very Light contact to the head with kicks( have to exercise control) but in tournaments its full contact to the head with kicks but with head gear. No heavy contact below the belt ( leg kicks must be light).
It also depends on the opponent u are sparring if its a less skilled opponent we dont go hard at all on them we do light touch contact to get them into the rythm. How do u guys train?

We are encouraged to where Feet, Shin and Forearm guards as well as a mouth guard and box at all times. But u have to have Gloves on no matter what for saftey.
We wear shin/instep guards, mouth pieces, gloves, and cups. Contact is relative to who you are sparring, as you said above. Some of us who have been around for a while go at it pretty good, but contact to the head is more controlled. We don't hit below the belt. I think that eventually we will start going full-contact at some point, and probably wear headgear, then.
We use gloves (boxing or mma depending on type of sparring), gumshields and boxes. Shin guards are also allowed but optional. we spar with full contact allowed to the head body and legs, use of elbows and knees to the head is frowned upon, although doing them on the ground is allowed as long as extreme care is taken.
freestyle Karate & Kickboxing...not Traditional we dont punch with Kia's and do robot blocks when sparring it all freestyle no horse stance and cat stance crap its boxing footwork etc but we wear gi's, belts and we do do kata as well
Every frday night is strictly Sheilds, Focus pads, Heavy bag work and sparring only (no kata or self defence routines). U can fight with no gi top bear chest if u like u dont have to wear a gi this night as its Kick boxing not strictly Karate.
gloves, cup, moutpeice, shin guards is all we wear..... we go light but stiff most of the time.... then about once a month we put on head gear and go hard.

if a fight is coming up we go hard alot for about 6 weeks before but then light 2weeks before, and finally nothing the week of the fight. you must heal appropriately..... and also if the fighter is inexperienced and has to wear head gear during the fight, then that person wears head gear for allot of their t5raining to get used to it
i train boxing, we spar as hard as u like with headgear. my big nose always gets popped i hate that!!
groin striker said:
i train boxing, we spar as hard as u like with headgear. my big nose always gets popped i hate that!!

HAHAH well i am Greek so we are the kings of big noses and have had it broken afew times :( although only once at Karate and funnyly enough i broke it heaps of times when i was younger playing Soccer :redface: go figure hehe
Always depends on who you are sparring. But usually new guys and inexperienced wear headgear... others only gloves (boxing).
In Ju Jutsu it's semicontact anyways.
That depends on the two people sparring and what they're ready for. Our guys that are basically competition level use gloves, mouthpeices, and cups if they feel like it.

For guys like me who are having trouble with some things, we also use shin guards. Only our amateur boxers use headgear because that's required in amateur boxing anyway.
I'm thinking about training at Chute Boxe @ BHJCC...the thing is, they don't wear headgear. Should I be concerned about this? I can care less about sparring and getting hit in the face, what I'm worried about is the loss of braincells after a certain period of time. Before I get flamed, I'm saying...this is practice, it's sparring. It isn't intended for a real fight, so why not wear head gear and protect the head during practice??
For sparring we go for 14oz gloves, mouthpiece, shin guards(optional), cup (I should),
On a scale of 1-10 for amount of power used while sparring we try to keep it between 5-6 usually ends up around 7-8. Every once and awhile we'll put headgear on and go at it full blast.
full contact to the body, moderate to the face depending on who you are fighting.
also on top of what i posted above we also do something called "technique sparring" or "shadow sparring"..... is with no pads but very light....... when i say no pads i mean nothing but cup and mouthpeice..... it only to work technique and all the intricate blocking and parrying of kicks in muay thai.

its like a game of perfect technique... you let your opponent win for a while, then you win for a while.... the point is you work on the technique of what your doing. the emphasis is all on kicks and knees and parrying kicks and clinching and so on.

this should feel very flowing and absolutly painless. someone really good at this should make it look almost like hard sparring but its flowing and there is very light contact.... eventually you know exactly what your opponent will do and you will leave proper openings or them when they need it and they will do the same for you.

the only one at my gym that has enough flow to do this is me and three others..... we have others who are good and have had fights but it takes a special type of fighter to do this responsibly.

i learn the most this way
Shin guards, 16 oz gloves(I've been starting to use 20oz so I can hit harder), cup, mout piece, and head gear... We go from 20-70% and anything goes(leg kicks, head kicks and punches)depending on who you pair up with. Sometimes ego's get int the way and coaches have to step in. Bruises are a given and broken noses happen every once in a while.
Gloves, headgear, cup, and mouthpiece. Pretty much the identical gear worn in amateur boxing bouts, except the gloves will be smaller. Back at my home gym where my dad coaches, he usually has us throw only the jab first round, right hands second round, 1 and 2 third, and then everything the rest of the rounds. He doesn't like us going at it full throttle from the first, burning outselves out, even the experienced fighters, b/c we usually go around 8 rds or so each. We go full power tho, except we "work" w/ each other and not tryings to kill one another, those "headhunter" types that go wild and try to take someone's head off. Usually he'll put an experienced fighter w/ a newbie, b/c having two newbs spar can become a train wreck w/ two idiots trying to prove who's tougher by standing and trading haymakers. experienced guys will take it easier and know how to hold back. Even so, i made this one rookie cry once..............i only used the jab too, not a pretty sight.
Shin guards, 16 oz or heavier boxing gloves, mouthpiece, cup, optional headgear.

We usually go 4 rounds of boxing followed by 6 rounds of kickboxing. Sometimes we skip the boxing and just do 10 rounds of kickboxing. I usually end up doing 12-15 rounds because I never take rounds off to rest (I like to work on my cardio).

We go to the legs, body, and head. Level of contact depends on who you go with. If a noob starts throwing bombs I usually defend for a little while, then counter with one hard shot to say "hey, stop going to hard". Sometimes things can get a little out of control and 2 experienced guys will start going at it full contact. It's fun sometimes, but that's how people get hurt!
Where I've started to train the intensity depends on who is in there. Since I'm relatively new, we don't go all that hard.

I've seen guys just brawl there though, trainer doesn't mind it so much since he sees it as a test of guts or something. Then he goes and tells them off about keeping their hands down or whatever.

I only wear a mouthguard and 16oz gloves (for boxing). The kickboxers wear shin guards and cups. When knees and elbows are added, they cover up those parts of the body too.

About losing braincells and headgear, I hear headgear doesn't make that much of a difference ? Either way, you're gonna lose braincells, so better pick up the defence quick.