how do I handle fat guys if I am 145 lbs?



once they get side control or mount, I find it impossible to shake them off of me because they just sit there and try to tap me out by suffaction. I try not to get in that position to being with but it's tough pushing these heavy weights around.
Stop trying to push heavier guys around and learn to move yourself better, especially your hips.
Work on your side control escapes.. If you can create room, weight shouldn't be that much of a problem. Still, I wouldn't like a big guy in side control if he knows how to hold it properly.. If they pass your guard, analyise why it happened and work on fixing it.
Your options are limited, slim.
Best to avoid the position. Or at least squirm around a bit so you can breathe while you wait for them to move and try something.
At least they're not going straight from side control to knee-on-belly...
I weigh about 113, so I can feel your pain...lemme say this, you really should never try for full guard..half guard, x-guard, spider guard - these are your should be looking to take the back at all times, or at least looking for a new, more dominate position.
its all about the hips... the small guys i train with that i have problems with all have excellent hip movement... one of them is damned close to breakdancing as soon as i start to pass his guard and get side control...
elbow escapes and off balancing/kozushi is your best friend on the ground..
As a extremely large Hawaiian I say this: It is hard for us big guys to train.

I take pity on my classmates and almost refuse to roll with people or take bottom to play guard. I hate to run drills on my classmates unless they really want to. Rolling is fun for me and even though I get cross side I try not to squish my friends and classmates by going on all fours instead of my hips low to the ground with frog legs, but its hard.

I got a dvd from Green Whale that showed an excellent escape from cross side positions. Try to PM Green Whale for the dvd. Unless that big guy is an ass, he should be using technique the higher his belt is.
Any video links on how to get the big guy off? I'm 200 and had a 300 pound muscle mass monster leaving me with barely any air to breath last night.
The fundamentals of escapes are the same regardless of their size. There isn't some special escape that works better on bigger guys. You just need to put in the drilling (with and without resistence).
just keep moving and try to take their back whenever possible ... also don't play a guard game against these guys unless you're put there if you stay on top you have a lot more options but again keep moving fast
Aesopian said:
The fundamentals of escapes are the same regardless of their size. There isn't some special escape that works better on bigger guys. You just need to put in the drilling (with and without resistence).

So what your saying is....get better. I did get him off a couple times but it took FOREVER. And, to beat it all he got back on top again and again....I was looking for some "magic move".LOL
I am 185 which I find a good weight as there are bigger & smaller guys than me. I find, in most cases, bigger guys are easier to take their back & work from sprawling. Try using armdrags & to be honest I wouldn't worry if they have you on your back, try shrimp to a good position & work from there. I find, espicially from standing I am happier to jump to guard on a bigger guy (though I hate people doing it to me) coz I know 9/10 I won't bring the bigger, stronger guy down.
If he's in your guard push him away with your feet, control his sleeves. Keep him away from you. Once he's around your legs and in side mount you've narrowed down options significantly. At least go for getting him in side mount. You are not going to bridge him off of you if he's any good at all.

Your whole focus, which you alluded to, should be to not let him get there in the first place. Again, do this by controling his wrists or gi sleeves (depending on no-gi or gi), and push him away with your feet at the hips, knees, ankles, etc. Work the egg beaters like crazy dude.

You could always turtle as he's coming around for side mount and then try to get him off your back. I've found it's actually easier to do this than getting out from under a fatboy side mount.
Don't ever let him get top position on you, if you are finding yourself about to topple over try your hardest to at least stay on your side.

Don't even bother trying to play closed guard, play open and go for arm drags and take the back.

Oh yeah, back rolling is your new friend, play with it.
escaping side mount from a bigger guy was something I really had to work on, but my teacher gave me some excellent pointers:

1. don't be a flailing fish - alot of guys buck incessantly to the point where they're just bucking to buck, just trying to push the guy off so they can get a breath and go right back to the same position. Well that's fine, you got your breath for a half second, but now he's crushing you again and your winded. You're never going to throw a bigger guy off you on the first bump unless he's just fat and you're just lucky and cockstrong. Bump deliberately and to create space, if he underhooks you, bump until you can slip your arm under his. make a little space every time. don't just flail around under there.

2. Don't panic - he's on top of you, you can't breathe good, it's uncomfortable. deal with it, try to focus on what you need to do and not what's happening to you. Panicing gets you excited, gets your heart rate up, makes you lose focus, etc. You don't want that.

3. Pay attention to his grips, they're a tell-all - How does he have you gripped? Collar and hip? Hands clasped with underhook? You can tell alot about what a guy is going to do by how he grips you.

4. This sorta goes with number one, but make space - Use your hips and your bumps to make space, space = air, air = breathing, breathing = good.

5. Find the right times to explode: Every motion doesn't have to be a hail mary all or nothing backbusting bridge, but some of them do. When you shrimp to half guard, SHOOT your knee in there, don't just lolligag it across. As a rule, big guys are slow, so sometimes even when they know what you're doing, if you're slick and explosive, they can't stop it.

hope this helps.
If you learn enough escapes and technique their weight and power should be overcome.
how do I handle fat guys if I am 145 lbs?

With latex gloves.