How did you nerds miss this?


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Feb 22, 2005
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Ahem. So, especially you veterans around here, were you not clued in to the fact that SI took the liberty of making their former articles viewable online, including most of the shit ever written about Boxing?

Boxing - SI Vault

You're welcome.
So you guys didn't know about that?

Shit, I heard about that back in the spring (Feb, March-ish...I didn't even have internet access then) when it was mentioned on a sports radio show up here that SI was doing that.
Yeah but wasn't your computer in the turlett?

Ironical, the guy who had no connection to the Interweb knew what guys on the Interweb every day didn't.

I clicked on the last page of that page I posted, 1954. Excellent.

Well, you might be pretty safe in reading about that year, and maybe even 1955, as well. But once you start looking into 1956, Mr. Grey, you're going to find a shitload of criticsm in regards to you and your friends, so you might want to bypass a few years there, especially around 1960 and '61.
You don't get to that many posts by being a retard. As always, thanks for the good post.
SI goes way back with some good boxing shit.
I'm waiting til 'the ring' and it's sister magazines does the same thing.

THEN we'll be talking, and I'll never leave the house again.