How come theres no forum devoted to sports related injuries


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Jun 30, 2005
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It seems that a lot of people around here, including myself, look for advice, similar experiences, possible home remedies, support, etc. dealing with sports related injuries. Since joining sherdog three years ago, (around the same time I started training bjj and boxing) I have dealt with a fractured arm, possibly broken nose, twisted ankle, black eyes, damaged knuckles, a torn rotator cuff, reocurring knee pain, and other annoying set backs. If a rather conservative fighter like myself (i.e. stick and mover) could garner this many injuries in a span of three years, just imagine how many injuries your average sherdogger (that actually trains) has to deal with. The point is, instead of having to search through misc. forums trying to find a thread that relates to your condition (or even worse, having to resort to yahoo answers and have your questions answered by prepubesent boys and know-it-all highschool girls), it would be great to have an entire thread devoted soley to sports related injuries. Even the members that spend half their lives arguing over which type of martial art is superior can agree that injuries occur in any style. In the end, we are all suseptable to them, we all dislike them when they occur, and when it does happen to us, we all search the forums in hopes of solutions.

Thanks for the consideraton,
It always ends up in us saying 'It could be this, but go see a doctor'.

There are very few people with medical degrees on Sherdog, let alone any that would want to devote time to analyse the problem of every member.

You have an injury, go to the doctor.

wow your a mod now, congrats.

anyways, that makes sense; i only brought it up cause i always see random threads about injuries with lackluster and limited replies (and cause i'm one of those people who never go to the doctor unless i know its broken).

but i still believe that other members who train can offer some good sound advice on their past experiences, treatments, unorthodox remedies, etc. I feel it would be a very popular forum.

I've been modding for many years mate, but thanks.

Yeah I can understand, it just puts the forum in a position we shouldn't be in because we don't want someone following a posters advice and getting further injured.

Doctor's always first. There is usually no problem making a thread in any of the training forums on an injury though.

I could not agree more Fozzy!

I am a healthcare profession (a registered nursin, soon to be a nurse practitioner) and i do my best to provide insight regarding various sherdog members bumps and bruises, but i always finish with "go to the hospital" or "go to your doctor/NP"...

as i do not have to time/resources to Dx people over the internet (never mine the legalities regarding doing so!
I could see this opening up the site to a ton of law suits...Think of all the bad advice that would be given and taken. Probably not such a hot idea.