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How can the body handle 8 hours of training per day?


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Oct 19, 2007
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I always hear about how a lot of professional fighters and martial artists train something like 8-12 hours a day. How does the body handle that, and what is the routine? I'm assuming they don't go to failure on any particular drill or exercise, until they can barely do any more repetitions. For instance, if they lift weights, they won't go quite to the last rep. Or if they hit the bag, they won't do so many rounds that their forms starts to look sloppy. Or they won't run a damn marathon, but they'll do a good 5-10k. Etc, etc.

I personally train about 4-5 hours a day, only in striking. I study 2 arts, Muay Thai and Hung Gar. Generally, my routine for a hard day of training (4 days a week) will look like this...

-Warm and stretch for 10 minutes
-30 minutes of weightlifting (never to failure on any sets, and different muscle groups on different days)
-30-35 minute run (i generally polish about 4-5 miles in this time, sometimes flat, sometimes hills)
-30 minutes of Hung Gar forms

6pm-8:30pm: Either at my Muay Thai school or at a health club with my friend
-Warmup and stretch
-2 rounds of jump rope
-1 round of shadow
-hold thai pads for 4 rounds
-hit thai pads LIKE A BEAST for 4 rounds
-sometimes hold and hit focus mitts for a round or two
-Spar anywhere from 3-8 rounds, depending on the day
-Clinch for 5-10 minutes (I should do more, I know)
-Hit the bag for a bunch of rounds, doing pushups and squats in between the rounds
-A few sets of pullups and crunches at the end
*Each round is 3 minutes, with 1 minute break

That's pretty much what I'll do every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. And on Friday night I'll do the morning routine, and on Saturday early in the day I'll do the evening routine. So I get 4 sessions of both those routines per week.

What I'm thinking about doing is possibly going to a grappling class that starts about 8-ish or 9-sih, right after finishing my Muay Thai. The class is about an hour and a half, and it's 5 minutes away from Mauy Thai. I want to try that twice a week, like Monday night and Thursday night. However, I'm worried about burning out. Will a 4 hour bout of training, twice a week, be too much? Is that how long some professional fighters train for in a single period?

I'm assuming a big key is knowing how to relax (something I finally learned how to do very recently), and drinking gatorade to replenish your nutrients during the workout. I already eat very healthy and drink LOTS of water, so I got those bases covered.

What do you guys think?
sounds like a good routine 2 me

What I'm doing right now is a great routine. My body always feels fully explosive during every pad session. And ever since I learned how to "relax" but still go hard, I feel more energetic than ever.

BUT, if I suddenly add a grappling class to that (even one that's slow paced and focuses on technique)...I wonder if I'll burn out and become high strung. The place that I'm thinking of going to is a very reputable school, and I think they wrestle pretty hard. (Gokor's in North Hollywood).

Oh yeah, and for the record, I absolutely suck at grappling. I'm a complete pansy on the ground. But I want to learn, and hopefully eventually fight professionally.
What do you do in your life that allows you to train for 2 hours in the middle of the day?

What's Hung Gar?
a lot of pro fighters use steroids, its the truth
We wont know, because it is your body. You give it a try. Try for 2 weeks. Then you make the choice.

However, professional fighters have variant routines. Some train real HARD for shorter time periods, while others train lighter for extended periods.

If you ask me, I prefer the former. A fight is an explosive thing. Training explosively, for shorter bursts seems more intelligent, but what do I know. If it works for you, it works for you.
I'm amazed that you have all this time to train. What do you do for a living?
Build up amount of training slowly over time.
Eat right and alot, especially healthy fat and vegetables.
Take lots of legal supplements.
Get enough rest.

Take breaks of a couple of weeks from training for instance after a fight to allow little injuries to heal before they become major ones.
I remember reading an interview with Frank Shamrock, and he said he slept 10 hours a night minimum, plus a nap during the day and kept a meticulous diet. Otherwise he couldn't train 6+ hours a day training.
Similarly, Matt Hughes claimed to train hard 4-5 hours a day, saying any more would be useless in the long run.
as much as training time matters.. the most important thing is HOW you train.

its undetectable.

its undetectable.

Yeah- unless you count a massive jaw, big tongue, "spade like" hands and a huuuuge forehead. A glucose test might show it up too... That and the associated atheroma, malignancy, hypertension and diabetes.

But then I don't know how much you'd take to train with- all I know is that if you take too much then acromegaly is commin' your way.
Guy Mezger said he did 2 hour and half to two hour training sessions a day at the top of his game. He said this left him exhausted.
steroids speeds up the healing process so your bodyc an take more of a beating..

They come off it before they are going to fight to get clean and piss clean using system cleansers..

Sucks.. but its the truth.

Two trainin sessions a day is the norm..

You pretty much have to sacrafice your body in order to be great at any sport.
You'd probably get sick at first, but eventually your body would get used to it.
Yeah- unless you count a massive jaw, big tongue, "spade like" hands and a huuuuge forehead

Yeah, but some guys have natural atributes like that. (Junior Silva etc.) heck, even Sly Stallone uses it but you cant tell based on his looks, except his ripped body at 50+.
Yeah, but some guys have natural atributes like that. (Junior Silva etc.) heck, even Sly Stallone uses it but you cant tell based on his looks, except his ripped body at 50+.

i heard stallone was caught in australia airport with steroids, i think there was a story about this maybe half a year ago or something