Houston Alexander & Mick Doyle Seminar in Scarborough


Jul 14, 2006
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Hello Folks,

Back in September, we did the Karo Parisyan seminar and meet and greet.

In March, we did the Iron Tiger seminar with Kru Alin Halmagean and Shane "Shaolin" Campbell.

We're at it again this June 6th with UFC Lightheavyweight Houston "the Assassin" Alexander and Muay Thai coach Mick Doyle conducting a seminar and meet and greet @ Southside from 7pm to 9:30pm.

Spectators welcome

For those interested, call Kru Peter Arcalas 647-273-2217 or visit us at 2115 Midland Ave., Scarborough, ON

Spaces are limited, so secure your spot now!

Hey buddy, this isn't regarding the seminar - but your gym. How is it? I looked at the schedule and the Muay Thai spots say nothing more than "Muay Thai". No beginner/intermediate/advanced, etc. How does that work? I trained at Ultimate Martial Arts for 3 months, 2 years ago (after switching to Karate) and they had different leveled classes. White level would spar and beginners would pretty much take part in 'cardio kickboxing' classes. How is it @ Southside? Looking for a solid Muay Thai gym so let me know. Wasn't happy with the teaching for beginners at Ultimate - I had at least 20 different teachers in my time their (random higher-level students leading the class). Teaching wasn't consistent; they told us to do things we weren't taught.

And is it walking distance from STC like Ultimate is? (I checked it out on Mapquest and it looks close, but I have no idea how far that is in actuality). Or would I have to take an additional bus from STC?