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Oct 31, 2005
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How many hours a week do you train in your respective art? I just started MMA emphasis jiu-jitsu and I want to aim for 10 hours a week to start, do you think that's enough/not enough/too much?
Depends on if your looking to fight ,get in shape or just become good . I'd say if your looking to get in shape and hone your BJJ skills your on the right track . Just make sure you don't burn out to early .. As for my self I train MMA about 2 hours a week , BJJ about 4 hours a week and I do skill drills about 2 hours a week .
Like everyone said: it depends on the person. Lately I've been training 14 hours per week. Athough back in the fall for a while, it was more like 21 hours/week! I don't intend to compete professionally or in amateur fights either, so that was too much. Just make sure you don't get burned out mentally or physically.
i used to train close to 8h a week and i liked it alot, it was 4 times x 2hours and i improved really quick. now there've been probs with gyms and i train 3 x 1.5 hours which isn't enough for me, but it'll have to do.

if you can afford it, train as much as you can. i have school and stuff, if i was free like some of the people i train with i would've been in the gym all day long.
I train MMA with a BJJ emphasis for about 10 hours and train (lift, HIIT, etc...) for about 5.
Btw 5-6 hours/week. Plus another 5-6 hours/week watching competition videos, highlights, training etc. ...
30-40 of BJJ plus 18 cr of college and 20hrs at a job
I have a BJJ problem though and i cant stop so yes all of my free time and some that shouldnt be free time is in BJJ
the ladies get 3 mins a night