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Hound..read in here for me please!


//Do something here
Dec 19, 2001
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you come here spoutin crap and dissin people

your fom fucking cananada...


i dont really have to say anythin else..that is bad enough ...
Treelo you have three nipples and you are still trying to figure out why you can't eat soup using your fingers.
fuckin damn

how did oyu know i had three fucking nipples...
my wife doesnt even know about this place....do you know her personally?

and of course you dont eat soup with your fingers numbnuts...forks are the easiest option!

but man,.....your from cananada...bwahahahahaha
Listen Britpop!

Just because you are frustrated that your ancestors didn't leave Blighty to come over to the Great White North and so forced you to endure the Thatcher years does not give you the right to cast aspersions on my nation.

And over here we eat soup with a straw.

Sod off!

That soon to be clobbered seal pup could easily be you Fish'n Chip!
you see what that pic says?


i didnt make that..i did a search on google for canada sucks and that came up...rofl
he's right hound canada sucks hard. i hear all the woman are ugly and smell like but.
Art just because you were turned back at our border and refused entry due to your mental state does not give you the right to crap on us canadians.

And our women stink but cos we import them from the UK.

Comprende El Pampeluna?
your spelling isn't to hot either you gum chewing but muching curly haired wanna be tough guy. they only stopped me cause i was with treelo and they didn't want us takeing alll your woman. and my mental state is just find you can ask the both of us me and EL PACUCHO

we told em we was on a voyage to shag every last canadien but they said we would prob succeed and could not enter the shithole country of yours

we had planned chat ups ready as well

'were not from canada so we dont have small penis's'
and you only had to import your women cos yours were all driving busses
Lisen Pampers don laf mine speling at I am jus tryin to comuinkat at you levl.

Treelo we have no buses here only dogsleds.
well they pull the fuckin sleds then

im sure the rest knew what i meant!
lol hound the truth hurts. but thats all right we still think your an a hole any way.
Watch you mouth call me lame Porphirio!
hound hound i belive its the fact that you haven't gotten laid in over 2 years that has you so tightly wound up. ever since the cupacraba got to all your sheep. well if it'll help i'll start a thread about donations for you and your new girl-i mean pet sheep. do you perfur the black or white sheep. let me know.
Look El Parasito don't project your own sex fantasies on my sex life. That is between you and your own farm animals cabron!