**HOLY SHIZZLE!, Pink Belts to Bas, Ian, Ricco, Franky, Mark and Wandi**






as you can see all these pics were taken by a hidden cam!!!!

Try not to swear in title headers nexttime.
thx for editing
They've gone nuts, except Ricco. I expected something like this from him.
disturbing... deeply disturbing. My testosterone level was way high this morning after viewing DAWG's rate this chick thread(Shalana). Then I stumble into this thread. Took the wind right out of my sails today...I have no problem with guys sharing a crib while on the road, traveling/training and shit... but these pictures!!! uhhhhhhhh... oh dear God, I pray that these r some of the best photoshopped pictures of all time. I feel absolutely soiled after viewing this... Gonna need to spend 20 minutes or so in Fredericks Stacy Sanchez II thread just get back to an even keel and able to leave the house today.... UGH!!! Bas this is soooooo WRONG!!! UGH, these 2 pictures are wrong on so many levels.....



lol funny and disturbing at the same time

and you might want to change the thread title to "holy cow"...you never know how anal the mods will get.
it's funny because if Tito or Baroni were in these pictures, people would be flamming them beyond belief, but just because it's bas, it hilarious.
Man, that pic of Ricco and Bas is just too much!!! I hope to God they were sh*tfaced at the time.