Holy Crap!!!!!!!`



4 people in Anti at once. This is the first sign of the apocalypse. With all these people I will give you a topic to discuss. Rhode Island, is neither a road nor an island. Discuss.
This use to happen in the old days. Hasn't happen for awhile though that is true. It is crazy when it does happen
Rhode Island is in fact a bridge built by Rhodes scholars.
Ok, loosers this is to much history for my blood. Where is all the fight talk we all love?
No fight talk here.

We`re all sissys.
Speak for your.....

WEll your right really.
Conrad as Lord Supreme of the Cylon Empire I speak for all members of this board.

If you can't respect the man respect the position.
Funny? I thought this was the Down-syndrome part of the board. Aww shit.
i thought that everyone here was like me .

Oh well
Originally posted by amunra
sure in our own way but not in anyone else's

You lost me there, buddy!!

But I'm sure you're really "special".

Ralphage thats just some fuckin brutal shit.

Are you trying to hurt Stupafly's feelings?