hogers mount escape


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Jul 15, 2005
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for those who watched the fight last night what was that mount escape hoger kept using against bonnar it seemed to work everytime ... any pics/description would be great
not the best thing in the world to do, he could have gotten his back taken several times. he did it different each time, it was a combination of of techniques. not really sure how it should work.
Both hands on the hips or stomach, bridge hard and push away with the hands
didnt he turn to his stomacg also though?
or am i getting two matches mixed up?

i saw a lot of elbow roll attempts also
Mike Fowler calls the escape "the earthquake" on his gameplan video. I'm assuming that's what you are referrring to.
If stephen was so tired he more than likely would have taken Hogers back. His escapes where mostly just power escapes where he would try and bridge and roll out. If Bonar would have losened up and let him roll he could have taken his back. better to use sweeps that power escapes imo.
If he was rolling back, he might have been going for the "feet on the biceps" escape.
I thought Hoger was just using the bump escape, bonner just sucked at keeping mount. His base was too narrow.
the sweep? umpah with the hips then turn on your shoulder, basic but seemed to work on Bonnar.
Bonnar appears to need work on his base and his mounted balance. Hogar looked good in this fight, eh?
Dedicado said:
Bonnar appears to need work on his base and his mounted balance. Hogar looked good in this fight, eh?

Not really.

Bonnar lost his first mount because he was punching. He didn't lose it the second time. And why would he need to work on his base? Didn't he take Hogar down a few times, stay on the top of the half guard a couple of times? I think the person who needed to work on his base was Hoggie.

Hogar looked okay. But he lost. IMHO Bonar didn't look like he was in the condition he was in for the Griffin fight. The price of fame I guess.
just a upa...bonnar should have just let him roll over and taken his back
It was just an upa, Im not even sure if he had an arm hooked or if he hooked a leg on the side he was bridging to, but thats how I was taught to do it. Its a really easy sweep, but its also easy to have your back taken doing it if the guy seems it coming, and all he has to do is basically lift his hips and let you turn and then fall back down on you and he has your back. I unfortunately get caught in that alot when I get mounted, which isn't too often luckily and it's only to guys who are alot better than me.