Hitman / camo shorts opinion?


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May 15, 2005
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Im in the market to buy a new pair of shorts or two and I really like camo pattern stuff so Im looking at the Hitman shorts Babalu wore against Sonnen. I already have a pair of sprawls and while I think they are the best fight shorts overall, they're fairly ugly, especially if your skinny so... I want to try a different brand. Does anyone have experience with Hitman's shorts or service?

Also, are there any other manufacturers selling camo print shorts. I saw tapouts ones but their expensive as hell and I dont like tapout.

Thanks for any comments or suggestions.
* I searched, found one comment for, one against but they were short posts.
TaPout has a couple camo patterns.
Tapout is limited in the sizes they have avail. We have been waiting for over 3 months for them to restock. Go with the Thunder shorts.

The hitman shorts are very good, minus the logo and colours and stuff there pretty much the exact same as the Nogi shorts and I rate the Nogi shorts extremely highly

Only trouble is that hitmans service is not quite the best. With my dealings in the past with them it took a month before I got my stuff. I know theres being a thread on here before complaining about their service aswell. Dont get me wrong you will get your stuff just maybe not as quick as somewhere like Nogi.
I had a pair of the Hitman Camo's. Great shorts but the sizing was big. If they did not correct it you would want to order down a size unless you don't mind them big in the waist.
Hitman's? What am I missing here what is Hitman's?
Their web site is down.
I heard that Hitman Dan got married and that he's brother was running the show now. Here is their email address info@hitmanfightgear

Hitman used to be Rage Fightwear. They switched over about two years ago.
i got a pair of hitman shorts a few days ago it only took 2 days and i live in arizona only problem is i guess the shorts run a bit big cuz i cant even wear these things u can fit 3 of me in them im still waiting for a response to my emal about exchanging them

could you post a pic of the shorts? How big are the logos?

And what type of logos are on them?
Hitman makes a great product and they make the shorts for a few really well know brands. They are a little slow in getting their own products out at times because they are filling orders for their private label companies.