Hit in leg, pain is really bad


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Yesterday during a wrestling tourne I was entered in, in one of my matches I got kneed really hard in my right quad, right above and a little to the right of my knee. I don't remember the circumstances, I think we might of been falling to the mat or something. At first it didn't hurt that bad, it just felt like it was going to bruise up, but when I got home, and now, it hurts soooo bad. It is so painful to walk or even stand up, it cramps up insanely. It's so painful. Does anyone have any advice or experianced this before? I have wrestling practice again today, I am fucked because my coach is already real pissed at me because I only took second place in the tourne and if I don't practice today he is gonna flip, meanwhile I can't even walk or stand up straight.
I think you might have done some damage to the miniscus disk in your knee, see a physio or doctor and make sure u get it checked out, mine happened after a single leg went wrong and my leg went like \/ that inwards...
umm is it the knee that hurts or the quad?

If the quad is cramped up dont worry about it, when we spar MMA sometimes I'll catch some brutal knees to the leg and my leg will be so cramped up ill have trouble walking up stairs the next day. But thats just my advice I'm no doctor...if you think it's serious go to a doctor but my legs get banged to shit from thai kicks/knees usually.
Sounds like you got a bruise. It will hurt for a week, and go away, it's probably nothing serious. If you are not used to getting hit in your quads all the time, then it can be one hell of a pain.

You probably got a very unlucky bone right into a tendon or a ligament, and that's no fun, but it's not dangerous either.

Strikers usually get used to it because they tend to get hit in the quads all the time.
it sounds like you got a "charlie-horse" or "dead-leg"

suck it up, princess
Thanks guys. It's alright, I stretched out and gave it a little massage before practiced and just worked through it. It fucking hurt though, everytime I had to squat down or take a shot or something. Thx for the advice, it's all good.