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    The purpose of this thread is to provide up-to-date discussion of the higher-end synthetic gloves currently available on the market.

    Other threads in this forum focusing on synthetic gloves tend to provide indiscriminate lists of synthetic gloves, mixing the good with the bad. But there seem to be many people who (a) wish to buy new gloves, but (b) wish to avoid buying leather gloves and (c) also wish to avoid buying the generic, cheap, and extremely low-quality synthetic gloves produced by companies like Everlast and Title. That is, they want to buy higher-end synthetic gloves. This thread is targeted at them.

    It is important to emphasise at the outset that the purpose of this thread is not to debate the merits of veganism, vegetarianism, or any other lifestyle choice; nor is it to debate the merits of synthetic gloves vs leather gloves in general. Please refrain from hijacking the thread for discussions of those topics.


    The best gloves in the world are available in synthetic.

    The Winning factory in Japan accepts custom orders for synthetic versions of the MS fight and training gloves. The gloves are made using the same synthetic material Winning uses for its stock FG-2900 and FG-5000 head gear. They may be ordered in any of the standard sizes (8oz - 16oz) and in both lace-up and velcro versions. However, synthetic MS gloves are restricted to Winning's stock colours of red, white, blue, and black.

    The cost of synthetic Winning MS gloves is very high. The fact they are synthetic rather than genuine leather gloves apparently has no bearing on their price. I have personally ordered a black pair of synthetic MS-600 lace-up gloves through Kozuji (https://www.kozuji.com/). The cost exclusive of shipping was US$385, which is exactly the same price Kozuji charges for custom leather MS gloves in non-stock colours. Shipping to Australia was an additional US$32. It may be possible to acquire them for a lower price through one of the sellers on Rakuten (https://www.rakuten.com/).

    It is also worth noting that Winning's stock amateur gloves, the AM-10, AM-12, and AM-14, are all made out of synthetic material, as are its traditional bag gloves, the SB-2000 and the SB-3000.


    Rival draws a strict distinction between bag gloves and sparring gloves. Several of its higher-end gloves of both kinds are made from a synthetic material Rival calls "super microfibre" or "super rich microfibre". The meaning of these names is rather obscure; but what matters here is that the material is not genuine leather.

    Bag gloves

    Sparring gloves

    Top Boxer

    The man behind Top Boxer, Muhammad Irfan, will make a pair of his well-regarded custom gloves using synthetic material upon request. There is an informative general discussion of Top Boxer's custom gloves on this forum (http://forums.sherdog.com/threads/topboxer-custom-boxing-mma-equipment-v2.2728717/). Top Boxer does not have a normal website. All questions, requests, and orders pertaining to synthetic Top Boxer gloves must be emailed to Muhammad at [email protected]


    Universal Martial Arts (UMA) will also make a pair of its well-regarded custom gloves using synthetic material upon request. There is an informative general discussion of UMA's custom gloves on this forum (http://forums.sherdog.com/threads/uma-custom-gears.2968847/). The glove design tool on the UMA website (www.boxingcustom.com) is justly celebrated for its seemingly limitless customisation options. It does not, however, include the option to select synthetic material. So those wanting synthetic UMA gloves must be sure to make a special request.


    Hayabusa produces two models of glove using a synthetic material it calls "vylar engineered leather". As with Rival's names for its synthetic material, the meaning of this strange name is rather obscure; but again, what matters here is that the material, whatever it may be, is not genuine leather.

    T3 (previously Tokushu) (https://www.hayabusafight.com/collections/boxing-gloves/products/t3-boxing-gloves)
    Ikusa Charged (https://www.hayabusafight.com/products/ikusa-charged-boxing-gloves)

    If you have any thoughts on the higher-end synthetic gloves discussed above, or if you know of some higher-end synthetic gloves not mentioned here, please let us know!
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    I bought a pair of 14oz Fairtex BGV11 F-Day gloves at MMA STORE Peru on my last trip to Lima, Peru. They are microfiber Syntek leather, and they are actually becoming my favorite pair of gloves. I own two pairs of Sabas Supersofts, which are great gloves, but the Fairtex just fit my hands better with wraps and knuckle guards.

    They are more a western boxing profile glove, longer wrist for better support, attached thumb, quite compact profile too, not huge like twins.
    The padding is good, a little softer than the Sabas SS. Love the finger pad in there, gives a good feeling when making a fist, feels more durable than pulling on the finger seam.

    The microfiber is very soft, making a fist is VERY easy, saves energy while training. Craftsmanship is perfect, no loose threads, well balanced padding distribution.

    The microfiber is holding up well, the weather is extremely dry in NW MN in winter, and my leather gloves are prone to cracking and need leather conditoner often, the leather is always bone dry and my left gloves are all cracking, guess I jab a lot. The microfiber looks like new, and need nothing more than a wipe down with a damp cloth.

    I always thought leather was superior, but when I tried these on in the store, I could feel the quality. I never would have given them a chance if I hadn't tried them in person, as my past experience with synthetics has been bad, but Fairtex has something good with the Syntek leather.

    I don't really notice my hands sweating any more than usual, though I would think they don't breathe as well as leather, but they seem fine to me.

    I'm not 100% sure but I think the BGV14 is the same, many color/design options in Syntek leather. I am thinking about another pair for sparring, as the padding is nice and fairly soft, don't think I'd mind getting punched with them, so should be easy on my sparring partners.

    Bottom line, I love them and would recommend them and will probably buy another pair.

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