High Protein, Low Calorie

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Im upping my protein intake to about 2.5-3g protein per lb bodyweight, unfortunately, that comes with higher calories too, so my question is, what are some foods/powders/bars with a good amount of protein (25+g) and low calories? thanks.
increasing the protein increases the calories...since calories come from carbs fat and protein...just clarifying that in case you didnt know.....if you did know then youre basically asking for a protein supplement that has no fat and no carbs right?

optimum nutrion gold standard whey is good, 1g fat and 3g carbs, 24 g protein
nhbfan8080 said:
Why you are upping it to 3g/lb?

im trying to bulk up and still be lean.

wenispinlke, yea i know that. yea, i got some gold standard, it tastes pretty good too.
3g/lb is a huge amount even with gear. The results could be interesting though.
Bars are crap. The nutritional info is frequently misleading to be attractive. The carb/sugar/fat content always seems to be higher imo going by my own experience. I tried a couple including u-turn. Chef Jay's is proven to be false.
Canned chicken/turkey/tuna is your best bet.
You should be consuming around 1.5g/lb of your DESIRED bodyweight. Moderate to high carbohydrate diets are very protein sparing (meaning you don't need to use much protein as energy - it'll go toward repairing muscle). High-fat diets (CKG diets, carb cycling diets, low-carb diets) are also very protein sparing. The days of 500g protein diets are over in light of new research.