High Blood Pressure


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Oct 3, 2003
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I know mostly younger guys read these forums and I don't consider myself old (27) by any means but this thread is for those of you who might deal with High Blood Pressure.

I read somewhere that Fish Oil's, rich in Omega 3's were helpful so I tried them. The long and the short of it is my top number dropped 28 pts. in a month and my bottom number dropped 7 pts. in the month. Not only that but Fish oil is proven to do much more. I am a believer in them and have seen first hand the benefits that they have. Give them a try!
so what's your bp now? BP is a touchy thing, systolic can fluctuate 30 points almost at random (emotional stress, physical stress, a meal you just ate, etc. can effect this easily) but diastolic is usually the one by which people are most are diagnosed hypertensive by.
Wow man thats good to know. My blood pressure is high too. I've noticed that green tea helps too.
I've got high blood pressure. I take medicine and my last reading was 132/84. I quit a two pack-a-day habit two years ago and it went down. Now it's gone back up and my doc says it's all genetics, and my temperment.