Hieron v. Woodley

I think Hieron takes it, he did well with Askrens wrestling and he's a better wrestler than Woodley
Doesn't interest me much. Can't stand Woodley so hope Hieron wins.
I hope Woodley loses, but I think he'll win by blanket.
Woodley will be persistently pursuing a takedown and won't get more than 1 or 2 and Hieron will dominate on the feet to a decision.
Woodley looked really improved against Marquardt. I think he'll get the decision in this one.
Hieron will dominate on the feet

Really? Woodley did pretty well standing vs Marquardt... knocked him down and rocked him a few times. I think the striking will be pretty evenly matched, if not in favor of Woodley.
Probably a snooze fest either way. Jay stuffing takedowns for a UD or Woodley grinding one out to a UD.
Not a fan of Woodley, and after how GSP manhandled Hieron,
I don't think the winner we will be a top contender anytime soon.
woodley has ko power he can drop and stop guys he should take this fairly easy
I hope Woodley loses so we don't have to deal with his mom screaming and preaching like an asshole for fifteen minutes
Hieron will take this fight due to being slightly more well-rounded, more experienced, and better conditioned. Woodley is going to have a tough time getting Jay to the ground.
all I know is somebody may be getting cut after this one
Hieron has good enough TDD to keep it on the feet. He'll win a decision.