Hey guys, what was the name of that book...


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Jun 11, 2005
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I saw it being advertised my a user here a few weeks ago. It was something like the BJJ encyclopedia and had like hundreds of offense/defense manuevors , guard passes, etc etc. It was huge! Great pictures with arrows and stuff pointing in the direction of where you roll , etc. Anyone remember the title? I really want to get that book now. Thanks alot.
passing the guard is great!
by the illustration you describe that sounds like it.

but when you say encyclopedia you may be talking about Rigan's book?

or the fighters notebook?
I can't quite remember, one of the authors did post on this forum and I think him and his co author were purple belts. It had like 1800 pictures or something close to that huge number. It was 52 bucks and it can't be found on Amazon or Barnsandnoble. Passing the Guard is a wicked book btw, I am going to buy that as well.
Maybe he was referring to the huge book by Montanha
Yes thats the one! I did a search on Amazon, and they have it. I think I will order it once I get home. Thanks guys.