Hey guys check out this highlight vid!

Mike O'Neil

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Apr 6, 2005
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I posted here instead of pm because I figured you all would be able to appreciate more. This is a teacher at the new york school"tai kai" I train at the de school. He comes down and help out at our school a couple times a month. You can check out his accomplishments on his page. www.jordandamon.com. Let me know what you think
what the fuck are you postwhoring about afrofeet?

nice highlight vid...never heard of him but the guy looks pretty badass.

kenflo is hard to beat in bjj.

edit: i like how he uses the toehold with the guard pass inthe video.
The video seems cool and he has some good holds. I guess we will find out just how good he is when we see him on the UFC or Pride.
Yeah I dont know about the whole ufc or pride thing but he deff seems to have some skills. Im looking forward to training with him. I think he is 7-0 so who know's maybe tuff lol. He had a torn acl now and is getting surgery so im sure that doesnt help matters
I dug the video. I'll defetinatly be keeping an eye for this dude. he seems good, at least at jj that is. Feel free to pass on any cool info you get from him ;)
He is pretty good! Is he planning on fighting in the UFC?

Wolverine said:
He is pretty good! Is he planning on fighting in the UFC?


Im sure he would like to from what I know its not like there banging down the door to get him to fight or anything...but I think his torn acl is a set back for now anyway
At 31 seconds into the HL it says he's 100lbs. Is that his usual fighting weight?
100 lbs=no chance ever in UFC or anywhere in america sadly, but that was a good vid, he kicks ass
lol no If you watch it say 180 then the vid messes up and it goes to 100. Im pretty sure he fights at 180
Very kick ass grappler. I wouldn't mind getting some lessons from him.
He doesnt afliate him self with anybody so the last belt he got was a black under marcos santos but I was told the guys at balance tryed to give him a black. He deff has some grap skills if he beat ken flo