Help with sparring


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Aug 19, 2004
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OK im from a boxing background and theres this guy he just covers up his face real good leaving his body wide open. As i would do in boxing i shot in with a jab to the body but it kind of leaves me in a bad leg position and he leg kicks me. I cannot work the body with hooks normally because of clinching. And he covers his head up really well i genuinely cannot get to it. I know i obviously just need experience but what type of strategy would i use to make use of my superior boxing skils?
if he covers his face like that try a good teep(front kick) to the midsection..... or a leg kick of your own. although this is not boxing it will open him up to box with.
OK thank you i was taught the teep kick it is very telegraphed when i use it but i will try it more to open up.

One of big problems is sometimes(rarely) he does open up a bit but when i go forward to punch him, my legs are a bit more open to leg kicks because of the weight distribution on either leg. He can step back and leg kick.